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 CMidiExternalPlayerPlay a Local MIDI file or from a Web site. This class must be used with the prefab MidiExternalPlayer
 CMidiFileLoader@Warning - will be soon deprecated, please rather use MidiFilePlayer prefab which have the same features + eventually MIDI sequencer and MIDI synth! Exemple for just loading a MIDI with MidiFilePlayer:
 CMidiFilePlayerPlay a MIDI file from the MidiDB. This class must be used with the prefab MidiFilePlayer.
See "Midi File Setup" in the Unity menu MPTK for adding MIDI in MidiDB.
 CMidiFileWriter2Create, build, write, import, play MIDI by script. See full example with these scripts:
 CMidiInReaderRead MIDI events from a MIDI keyboard connected to your Windows or Mac desktop. This class must be used with the prefab MidiInReader.
There is no need to writing a script. For a simple usage, all the job can be done in the prefab inspector. More information here
 CMidiKeyboardBase class to send and receive Midi Message from a Midi keyboard connected to the desktop
 CMidiListPlayerPlay a list of pre-selected MIDI files from the MidiDB. This class must be used with the prefab MidiListPlayer.
 CMidiListPlayerStatusMidi Player status for the two MIDI Players defined in the MidiListPlayer.
 CMPTK_MidiPlayItemDefine a MIDI file from DBMidi to be added in the list
 CMidiLoadBase class for loading a MIDI file and reading MIDI event in a MIDI sequencer. It's not possible to instanciate directly this class.
Rather, use MidiFilePlayer to load a MIDI This class is used by MidiFilePlayer, MidiListPlayer, MidiFileWrite2, MidiFileLoader (see members MPTK_MidiLoaded of these classes).
 CMidiPlayerGlobalSingleton class to manage all globales MPTK features. More information here:
 CMidiSpatializerFor playing Spatialized MIDI by channels or by tracks from the MidiDB. This class must be used with the prefab MidiSpatializer
 CMidiStreamPlayerBuild and Play Real Time Music in relation with user actions or algorithms. This class must be used with the prefab MidiStreamPlayer.
 CMidiSynthBase class wich contains all the stuff to build a Wave Table Synth. Not for use directly.
 CMPTKChordBuilderBuild Chord and Play with MidiStreamPlayer.
 CMPTKChordLibBuild Chord from a library and Play with MidiStreamPlayer.
 CMPTKEventDescription of a MIDI Event. It's the heart of MPTK! Essential to handling MIDI by script from all others classes as MidiStreamPlayer, MidiFilePlayer, MidiFileLoader, MidiFileWriter2 ...
 CMPTKFootPrintExperimental - Search a MIDI from a sequence of notes and calculate a score tempo.
 CFootPrintContains detailed information about a MIDI footprint.
 CMPTKInnerLoopSetting for MIDI inner loop [Pro]. Look at MidiFilePlayer.MPTK_InnerLoop
 CMPTKListItemThis class is useful when a list of paired value string+id is needed.
 CMPTKRangeLibBuild Scale and Play with MidiStreamPlayer.
 CMPTKSignatureContains information about signature change.
 CMPTKTempoContains information about the tempo change.