[MPTK PRO] Build Chord from a library and Play with MidiStreamPlayer.

Public Attributes

int Count
int Index
string Modifier3
string Modifier7
string Name


static int ChordCount [get]
static List< MPTKChordLibChords [get]
int this[int index] [get]

Detailed Description

[MPTK PRO] Build Chord from a library and Play with MidiStreamPlayer.

See example in TestMidiStream.cs and ExtStreamPlayerPro.cs

Member Data Documentation

◆ Count

int MidiPlayerTK.MPTKChordLib.Count

Count of notes in the chord

◆ Index

int MidiPlayerTK.MPTKChordLib.Index

Position in the list

◆ Modifier3

string MidiPlayerTK.MPTKChordLib.Modifier3

Some indicator when available.

  • M = major
  • m = minor
  • A = augmented
  • D = diminished
  • S = Suspended
  • empty = undetermined

◆ Modifier7

string MidiPlayerTK.MPTKChordLib.Modifier7

Chord contains a 7iem

  • 7 = major
  • empty = undetermined

◆ Name

string MidiPlayerTK.MPTKChordLib.Name

Long name of the scale

Property Documentation

◆ ChordCount

int MidiPlayerTK.MPTKChordLib.ChordCount

[MPTK PRO] Count of chords availables

◆ Chords

List<MPTKChordLib> MidiPlayerTK.MPTKChordLib.Chords

[MPTK PRO] List of chords availables.

◆ this[int index]

int MidiPlayerTK.MPTKChordLib.this[int index]

[MPTK PRO] Delta in 1/2 ton from the tonic, so first index=0 return 0 regardless the chord selected.

indexPosition in the scale. If exceed count of notes in the scale, the delta in 1/2 tons is taken from the next octave.
Delta in 1/2 ton from the tonic