Play a Local MIDI file or from a Web site. This class must be used with the prefab MidiExternalPlayer

Inheritance diagram for MidiPlayerTK.MidiExternalPlayer:
MidiPlayerTK.MidiFilePlayer MidiPlayerTK.MidiSynth MidiPlayerTK.MidiSynth

Public Member Functions

override void MPTK_Play (bool alreadyLoaded=false)
 Play the midi file defined with MPTK_MidiName or MPTK_MidiIndex. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from MidiPlayerTK.MidiFilePlayer
MidiLoad MPTK_Load ()
MidiLoad MPTK_Load (string uri)
void MPTK_Next ()
MPTKEvent.EnumLength MPTK_NoteLength (MPTKEvent note)
void MPTK_Pause (float timeToPauseMS=-1f)
virtual void MPTK_Play (bool alreadyLoaded=false)
void MPTK_Play (byte[] data)
virtual void MPTK_Play (float delayRampUp, float startDelay=0)
void MPTK_Play (MPTKWriter mfw2, float delayRampUp=0f, float fromPosition=0, float toPosition=0, long fromTick=0, long toTick=0, bool timePosition=true)
void MPTK_PlayNextOrPrevious (int offset)
void MPTK_Previous ()
List< MPTKEventMPTK_ReadMidiEvents (long fromTicks=0, long toTicks=long.MaxValue)
void MPTK_RePlay ()
bool MPTK_SearchMidiToPlay (string searchPartOfName)
void MPTK_SortEvents ()
void MPTK_Stop (bool stopAllSound=true)
virtual void MPTK_Stop (float delayRampDown, float stopDelay=0)
void MPTK_SwitchMidiWithDelay (int index, string name, float volume, float delayToStopMillisecond, float delayToStartMillisecond)
void MPTK_UnPause ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from MidiPlayerTK.MidiSynth
void MPTK_ClearAllSound (bool destroyAudioSource=false, int _idSession=-1)
void MPTK_InitSynth (int channelCount=16, bool preserveChannelInfo=false)
void MPTK_ResetStat ()
void MPTK_StartSequencerMidi ()
void MPTK_StartSynth ()
void MPTK_StopSynth ()
IEnumerator MPTK_WaitAllNotesOff (int _idSession=-1)
delegate void OnAudioFrameStartHandler (double synthTime)


new string MPTK_MidiName [get, set]
- Properties inherited from MidiPlayerTK.MidiFilePlayer
MPTKChannels MPTK_Channels [get]
 Description and list of MIDI Channels associated to the MIDI synth.
Each MIDI synth has 16 channels that carry all the relevant MIDI information. More...
string MPTK_Copyright [get]
int MPTK_DeltaTicksPerQuarterNote [get]
TimeSpan MPTK_Duration [get]
float MPTK_DurationMS [get]
bool MPTK_ExtendedText [get, set]
bool MPTK_IsPaused [get]
bool MPTK_IsPlaying [get]
bool MPTK_KeepEndTrack [get, set]
bool MPTK_KeepNoteOff [get, set]
MPTKEvent MPTK_LastEventPlayed [get]
bool MPTK_Loop [get, set]
bool MPTK_MidiAutoRestart [get, set]
List< MPTKEventMPTK_MidiEvents [get]
int MPTK_MidiIndex [get, set]
MidiLoad MPTK_MidiLoaded [get]
virtual string MPTK_MidiName [get, set]
bool MPTK_PlayOnStart [get, set]
TimeSpan MPTK_PlayTime [get]
double MPTK_Position [get, set]
double MPTK_PositionFirstNote [get]
double MPTK_PositionLastNote [get]
string MPTK_ProgramName [get]
double MPTK_PulseLenght [get]
int MPTK_Quantization [get, set]
bool MPTK_RawSeek [get, set]
double MPTK_RealTime [get]
string MPTK_SequenceTrackName [get]
float MPTK_Speed [get, set]
double MPTK_Tempo [get, set]
string MPTK_TextEvent [get]
long MPTK_TickCurrent [get, set]
long MPTK_TickFirstNote [get]
long MPTK_TickLast [get]
long MPTK_TickLastNote [get]
int MPTK_TrackCount [get]
string MPTK_TrackInstrumentName [get]
- Properties inherited from MidiPlayerTK.MidiSynth
int MPTK_IndexSynthBuffSize [get, set]
int MPTK_IndexSynthRate [get, set]
string MPTK_InstrumentPlayed [get]
bool MPTK_IsSpatialSynthMaster [get]
bool MPTK_KeepPlayingNonLooped [get, set]
float MPTK_MaxDistance [get, set]
bool MPTK_PauseOnDistance [get, set]
bool MPTK_Spatialize [get, set]
int MPTK_SpatialSynthIndex [get]
int MPTK_SynthRate [get, set]
string MPTK_TrackName [get]
int MPTK_TransExcludedChannel [get, set]
int MPTK_Transpose [get, set]
float MPTK_Volume [get, set]

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from MidiPlayerTK.MidiFilePlayer
enum  ModeStopPlay { StopNoWaiting , StopWhenAllVoicesReleased , StopWhenAllVoicesEnded }
 Defined when the MIDI player is stopped. More...
- Public Types inherited from MidiPlayerTK.MidiSynth
enum  ModeSpatializer { Channel , Track }
- Public Attributes inherited from MidiPlayerTK.MidiFilePlayer
MPTKInnerLoop MPTK_InnerLoop
bool MPTK_LogLoadEvents
ModeStopPlay MPTK_ModeStopVoice
bool MPTK_PauseOnFocusLoss
bool MPTK_StartPlayAtFirstNote
LoadingStatusMidiEnum MPTK_StatusLastMidiLoaded
EventEndMidiClass OnEventEndPlayMidi
EventNotesMidiClass OnEventNotesMidi
EventStartMidiClass OnEventStartPlayMidi
- Public Attributes inherited from MidiPlayerTK.MidiSynth
bool MPTK_ApplyModLfo
bool MPTK_ApplyRealTimeModulator
bool MPTK_ApplyVibLfo
bool MPTK_AudioSettingFromUnity
bool MPTK_AutoBuffer = true
int MPTK_AutoCleanVoiceLimit
bool MPTK_CorePlayer
float MPTK_CutOffVolume = 0.0001f
bool MPTK_DirectSendToPlayer
MPTKEffectSoundFont MPTK_EffectSoundFont
 A SoundFont contains parameters to apply three kinds of effects: low-pass filter, reverb, chorus.
These parameters can be specifics for each instruments and even each voices.
Maestro MPTK effects are based on FluidSynth algo effects modules. Furthermore, to get more liberty from SoundFont, Maestro Pro can increase or decrease the impact of effects (from the inspector or by script). To summarize: More...
MPTKEffectUnity MPTK_EffectUnity
 Unlike SoundFont effects, they applied to the whole player. On the other hand, the Unity effects parameters are rich and, obviously based on Uniy algo!
Only most important effect are integrated in Maestro: Reverb and Chorus. On need, others effects could be added. More...
bool MPTK_EnableChangeTempo
bool MPTK_EnableFreeSynthRate = false
bool MPTK_EnablePanChange
bool MPTK_EnablePresetDrum
int MPTK_InstrumentNum
bool MPTK_KillByExclusiveClass = true
float MPTK_LeanSynthStarting = 0.05f
bool MPTK_LogEvents
bool MPTK_LogWave
bool MPTK_ReleaseSameNote = true
uint MPTK_ReleaseTimeMin = 500000
float MPTK_ReleaseTimeMod = 1f
bool MPTK_SpatialSynthEnabled
int MPTK_StatVoiceCountActive
int MPTK_StatVoiceCountFree
int MPTK_StatVoiceCountPlaying
int MPTK_StatVoiceCountReused
int MPTK_StatVoicePlayed
int MPTK_StatVoiceRatioReused
bool MPTK_WeakDevice
Action< int, long, int, int > OnBeatEvent
 Action is executed at each beat and received these parameters: More...
EventSynthClass OnEventSynthAwake
EventSynthClass OnEventSynthStarted
Func< MPTKEvent, bool > OnMidiEvent
bool playOnlyFirstWave
- Static Public Attributes inherited from MidiPlayerTK.MidiSynth
const float FLUID_CHORUS_DEFAULT_DEPTH = 4.25f
const float FLUID_REVERB_DEFAULT_DAMP = 0.3f
static List< MidiFilePlayerSpatialSynths
- Events inherited from MidiPlayerTK.MidiSynth
OnAudioFrameStartHandler OnAudioFrameStart

Detailed Description

Play a Local MIDI file or from a Web site. This class must be used with the prefab MidiExternalPlayer

There is no need to writing a script. For a simple usage, all the job can be done in the prefab inspector.

But a set of methods are available in this class to drive the music from your script.
This class inherits from MidiFilePlayer and MidiSynth, so all properties, event, methods from MidiFilePlayer and MidiSynth are available in this class.

More information here: https://paxstellar.fr/midi-external-player-v2/

MidiExternalPlayer inherits of classes MidiFilePlayer and MidiSynth. For clarity, only MidiExternalPlayer attibutes are provided here. Look at the classes MidiFilePlayer and MidiSynth to discover all attributes available.
Maestro Pro

Exemple for loading and playing a MIDI file from a web site.

// Example of script. See TestMidiExternalPlayer.cs for a more detailed usage.
// Need for a reference to the Prefab (to be set in the hierarchy or can be done by script)
MidiExternalPlayer midiExternalPlayer;
if (midiExternalPlayer==null)
Debug.LogError("TestMidiExternalPlayer: there is no MidiExternalPlayer Prefab set in Inspector.");
// Load a MIDI from a web site
midiExternalPlayer.MPTK_MidiName = "http://www.midiworld.com/midis/other/c2/bolero.mid";
// more later ... load from a local folder (MacOS here)
midiExternalPlayer.MPTK_MidiName = "file:///Users/thierry/Desktop/Nirvana.mid"
Play a Local MIDI file or from a Web site. This class must be used with the prefab MidiExternalPlayer
Definition: MidiExternalPlayer.cs:42
override void MPTK_Play(bool alreadyLoaded=false)
Play the midi file defined with MPTK_MidiName or MPTK_MidiIndex.
Definition: MidiExternalPlayer.cs:94

Member Function Documentation

◆ MPTK_Play()

override void MidiPlayerTK.MidiExternalPlayer.MPTK_Play ( bool  alreadyLoaded = false)

Play the midi file defined with MPTK_MidiName or MPTK_MidiIndex.

alreadyLoadedtrue: the MIDI has already been loaded (see MPTK_Load() v2.9.0

Reimplemented from MidiPlayerTK.MidiFilePlayer.

Property Documentation

◆ MPTK_MidiName

new string MidiPlayerTK.MidiExternalPlayer.MPTK_MidiName

Full path to Midi file or URL to play. Must start with file:// or http:// or https://.
Example: MPTK_MidiName="http://www.midiworld.com/midis/other/c2/bolero.mid";
See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File_URI_scheme for example of URI file