Define a MIDI file from DBMidi to be added in the list More...

Public Attributes

float EndFrom
int Index
string MidiName
bool Selected
float StartFrom
bool UIAction

Detailed Description

Define a MIDI file from DBMidi to be added in the list

Member Data Documentation

◆ EndFrom

float MidiPlayerTK.MidiListPlayer.MPTK_MidiPlayItem.EndFrom

Time (ms) position where to end playing the midi file

◆ Index

int MidiPlayerTK.MidiListPlayer.MPTK_MidiPlayItem.Index

Position of the Midi in the list. Use method MPTK_ReIndexMidi() recalculate the index.

◆ MidiName

string MidiPlayerTK.MidiListPlayer.MPTK_MidiPlayItem.MidiName

Midi Name. Use the exact name defined in Unity resources folder MidiDB without any path or extension. Tips: Add Midi files to your project with the Unity menu MPTK or add it directly in the ressource folder and open Midi File Setup to automatically integrate Midi in MPTK.

◆ Selected

bool MidiPlayerTK.MidiListPlayer.MPTK_MidiPlayItem.Selected

Select or unselect this Midi to be played in the list ...)

◆ StartFrom

float MidiPlayerTK.MidiListPlayer.MPTK_MidiPlayItem.StartFrom

Time (ms) position where to start playing the midi file

◆ UIAction

bool MidiPlayerTK.MidiListPlayer.MPTK_MidiPlayItem.UIAction

Select or unselect this Midi in the Inspector to apply actions (reorder, delete, ...) NO MORE USED